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Everybody’s Doing It, Doesn’t Make it Right


Cheaters. Varsity Blues, greed, mega drama of poor choices and lost voices. It makes me sick reading aboutparentswho gamed college admissions. Not like we didn’t already know about some stuff, but this took it way over the top. I’m sure you agree. In fact, by now probably we are all saturated with the obnoxious stories, […]

Part Of The Crowd


Cameron expressed an interest in coming to the school where I worked so that he could mentor some of our young black male students. While most students, myself included, would have spent their last few days before going back to college, relaxing and sleeping in, Cameron spent his last two days listening, teaching and talking […]

Four Ways to Create Privilege for Your Students


If your students need opportunities to build their resumes to become viable college applicants but your school doesn’t have multiple clubs and societies, all hope may not be lost. Here are a few things that all teachers can do to create privilege for their students: Learn how to write a really goodletter of recommendation. Create […]

Is Military Service The Key To College + Career Readiness? – My #VibeEdu @VibeIsrael Tour


In the United States, youth have become what school critics like John Taylor Gatto refer to as infantilized. Their days and activities are structured by what adults tell them to do. They view their work as disconnected from them, having little relevance or meaning in their lives. To remedy this it is not uncommon for […]

Creating the College Bound: Helping high school seniors become college freshmen


Seniors need to grow independence. It takes scaffolding and trust. Creating both allows them to better prepare for what comes next. This column originally ran theUFT’s NY Teacherin the fall 2012. Four years of high school is coming to a close and soon 12th grade students will be taking the first of many steps into […]

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