Common Core

What the Tests Don’t Tell Us

It is no secret that today’s youth are tested and re-tested at astounding rates.Ever since the implementation of the 2002No Child Left BehindAct(NCLB) which mandated annual yearly testing for students in all 50 states as a means for measuring progress; teachers, parents, and students have been inundated with a kind oftesting mania. Clara Hemphill in […]

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It!


They say that necessity creates ingenuity. There’s truth in that. I was terribly bored when the whole idea of teaching the curriculum through the narrative hit me. As the drone of the “professional development” presenter faded into the background of my thoughts, I started to wish that I had chosen a different session. Suddenly, though, […]

Reading instruction in kindergarten: Little to gain and much to lose


A growing chorus of early education professionals are saying that setting standards for reading instruction in kindergarten is going too far.They argue that policies aimed at preparing kids for college through academics at increasingly earlier years is misguided and unsupported by the research. Listen to the radio segment here. Then check out these additional resources: […]

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