continuous improvement

Teaching Has a Tall Poppy Problem and It Needs to Change


There are lots of problems in education, big systemic problems, governance problems, structural problems that seem unsolvable sometimes because they’re so deeply rooted in the way things have always be done. And then there are problems that are so darn easy to fix, it’s a wonder they haven’t already been solved. One of those easy […]

Take Control of Your Professional Development

Are you sick of “professional development experts” that are flown into your district at an exorbitant price tag to deliver long sit and get trainings that are often over before the expert gets back home? Who has the money or the patience for this antiquated practice? Not me! Who are the professionals/experts in your building? […]

What Are Your Canaries?


Dating back to 1911, coal miners in Britian began taking canaries in birdcages into the mine shafts with them. Canaries had asensitivity to dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide. Miners worked in areas that had potential for gases to be exposed after a mine explosion or fire. If the canary became distressed or died, miners […]