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Why Curiosity Wilts and How to Make It Bloom Again


I read a lot in my elementary years. Growing up in the 1980’s communist Poland I spent a lot of time in the cowboys-and-Indians world of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. I’d relive the main characters’ stories with an older friend who introduced me to this world and lent me books I’d devour in spare time. […]

3 Ways to Engage Kids Early

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My mantra is simple, “Where attention goes, energy flows”. Without a student’s authentic attention, you are basically swimming with no arms or legs in a choppy ocean of learning. Therefore, garnering student’s attention in the first few minutes of class as they walk in is perhaps your most important job as an educator. Setting the […]

The User’s Manual To Design Thinking Your Teaching


I have a confession to make. I’ve become obsessed with Design Thinking. It’s gotten to the point where I “Design Thinking” everything. How do I Design Thinking my lunch? How do I Design Thinking my classroom phone policy? How do I Design Thinking teaching? Teaching? Yep. Let’s do that. What I love about Design Thinking […]

Prompts to Pump Up Creativity, Imagination, and Concentration (Part 2)


Check out Part 2 of my previous post, “Prompts to Pump Up Creativity and Imagination.” The upcoming “sparks,” all crucial areas in education, don’t get enough time in our classrooms. They can be used in various ways: a “wake-up call” in the morning to get students thinking and feeling. The prompt can be written on […]

Learn to Teach: 3 Insights from A Day Out on the Lower Bay

LEARN TO TEACH isn’t a declarative or imperative. I’m not slamming your approach or telling you I’ve got the goods on classroom management, pedagogical mindset, or a million other things you probably have a better handle on than I do. I’m lucky enough to do the work I do and so are you.LEARN TO TEACH […]

Critiquing the Un-critiqueable

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Twenty years ago, Arlene Croce, writing in the New Yorker, declared that she felt that Bill T. Jones’ work exploring his own AIDS diagnosis and the terminal illnesses of his performers made his work “undiscussable” – beyond the reach of criticism. She coined the term “victim art” and vented her frustration at the way she […]

The Danger of Designing Lessons for Thinkers

My twitter handle will seem a bit strange to some readers. I [email protected] The premise of this term—coined by David L. Krech—is that human beings never just think. They are not best described, therefore, as “thinkers”.Rather, human beings are emotional beings. Our emotional responses are the primary way in which we make sense out of […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators: #2 Find A Source of Dramatic Tension

A good story often containssome kind of dramatic tension. We see freedom and oppression play out in Cinderella. We see the idea ofknown and unknownworlds play out in Jack and The Beanstalk. We see safety and danger play out in Hantzel and Gretel.Dramatic tension is not only the stuff of children’s stories, myths, or fairytales […]

Tips for Imaginative Educators: #1 Find the Story

Here’s the golden rule of Imaginative Education: Identify the emotional significance of the topics you are teaching. This rule applies to all educators. No matter what you teach, where you teach, or the age of your students, engaging teaching starts with you identifying what it is about the topic that evokesyour sense of wonder. On […]

Think Play Is Only for Little Kids?

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If so, you’ll definitely want to listen to my discussion with Denise Pope and Sandra Russ, in which they explain the role of play in the lives of tweens and teens! As Denise says, “Research shows that kids of all ages need daily play time, down time, and family time.” And, no, they’re not talking […]

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