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“Deeper Reading”: Educating Kids from the Inside Out

The best observation—let’s not call it an evaluation, please—came from a colleague as he walked by my room while the class was reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull and said in his own self-amazement: “It looks like they’re praying in a synagogue,” which cracked me up for unknown reasons, at least, until I thought about it for […]

Closing the School Year: Do Something Spectacular!

Lots of advice for any teacher this time of year tends to focus on making it to the end of the year. You know how it is: Lots of gritting our teeth and grimly hanging on until the very end. What a miserable way to spend even one minute of our lives, much less convey […]

If Kids Planned the Lesson…


If you were to plug “Great Lesson Plans,” into just about any search engine, all sorts of useful information for teachers immediately pops up. Instead of going online, though, how about thinking about a great lesson from a student’s viewpoint? One good way to find out what students really want is to simply ask them […]

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