Who’s the Boss? Getting To Yes!


Anything is Possible; Everything is Possible! We’re all just a bunch of bosses and cool ones, at that. We take turns leading and following. When we figure it out, we’re like reformed Minions, having a bunch of fun together. Every day is a celebration of learning and life. Culture is the name of the game […]

Breakfast with Dads: A School Needed 50 Substitute Dads, 600 Showed Up!

Happy New Year! It’s such a pleasure to share this beautiful story as we kick off 2018. I think we all need to grab tissue, then go buy some neckties! “Something somewhat extraordinary happenedlast monthat Billy Earl Dade Middle School in Dallas. The school — with a student population of nearly 900, about 90 percent […]

Complacency Kills


I just finished reading one of the best books ever.The Operatorby Robert O’Neill is the story of the Navy SEAL who dedicated a good chunk of his life fighting for American freedoms. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, it should; he’s the SEAL who fired three rounds into Osama Bin Laden. The boy from Butte, […]

Loving Recklessly: Hope Within Reach

Loving Recklessly

This post was co-written withTodd Nesloney. You can find his bloghere. The Way It May Seem It seems these days that you can’t turn on the tv, radio, or surf the web without bearing witness to another atrocity that has happened around the world. Sometimes those events are far away and easy to disconnect from, […]

The Conversations in Faculty Rooms


About a week ago, George Couros (@gcouros) published a blog post, “The Policies in Your Head.” More or less, the piece calls upon a specific experience George had with a teacher/district to illustrate how progress can be hampered when teachers convince themselves an outdated policy is still in place. So, here are my thoughts based […]

When All Else Fails


Do you ever feel as a leader that what you are doing just isn’t good enough, that if you only could do more then it would all be better. There are days you question your calling and wonder if you have it in you to continue. It is in those moments that great reflection and […]

You Had Me at “Hello”: Creating Collegial Communities


Can you remember being the new person at your school? Whether it was the beginning of your career and you were completely green or you switched schools and were learning the ropes of how this little community functions, each of us has been there. Hopefully, you were greeted by at least one person with a […]

The Power of the Thank You Note

From Carina, a former student who is now a supply chain analyst for a global company I received two very special emails over the weekend. The first came from a student I had ten years ago and just landed her first full-time job as a teacher. The second was from a student who was in […]

Jump Start Growth


Recently,a mentor I respectgreatly said something that deeply resonated with me. It was as if he said it just for me and me alone. He put words to something I often feel, but shrink away from admitting out loud. He declared, “I often feel weighed down by my own disappointment over my past failures to […]

White Man. Black Boy.

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Can you come with me please? We walk down the hallway and step into my office. I close the door. Have a seat please. And then we sit across from another. White man. Black boy. Oftentimes coming from and living in two completely different worlds. Does this matter? Is it significant? I think the answer […]