Why Curiosity Wilts and How to Make It Bloom Again


I read a lot in my elementary years. Growing up in the 1980’s communist Poland I spent a lot of time in the cowboys-and-Indians world of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. I’d relive the main characters’ stories with an older friend who introduced me to this world and lent me books I’d devour in spare time. […]

Never Ignore a Child Who Asks “Why?”

Anyone who has young children, teaches them, or has spent time with one knows that “Why?” is their master question. Once it starts, there’s no stopping it. Although adults do their best to come up with answers, the interrogation becomes an endless loop. When one question is answered, the next one comes right on its […]

My Teaching “Top 5”– What Are Yours?

Earlier this year I connected with other educators who like to blog. We came together over #sunchat, a Twitter-based Sunday morning chat. We called ourselves the #Sunchatbloggers!We provide each other with feedback and encouragement. Someone in the group suggested we all post on the same topic: our “Top 5”. Some people will post about strategies, […]

Lessons for Living Attentively in a Media-Mad World

social media

My kids think I’m exaggerating. I’mnot. I grew up without a cell phone. So, when I was away from home, Ieitherdidn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t with me (gasp) orI brought a quarter and used a pay phone. (What’s that?)My first computer was practically the size of a smart car. I looked things up in […]

Take The Path Less Traveled


This is the last installment in the “Breaking Sticks” series inspired by my 2 year old son Adam. “Artists are people who strip habit away and return life to its deserved glory” – Marcel Proust All children are artists. They get excited by simple things. Whether playing with sticks, jumping on the bed, or engaging […]

Fostering Curiosity


I recently read the book Creative Schools by Dr. Ken Robinson. The book is a good discussion of issues that are facing educators today. Dr. Robinson includes some good thoughts about what schools should do (and provides some real-world examples of some of these things). His discussion on curriculum was very interesting to me and […]

Before You Turn Out The Lights


Stayed at work later than usual. By the time I got home, my wife, who was sick, was asleep and my kids were playing on their mobile devices. I quickly went upstairs to give them each a kiss before heading back down to change and prepare for bed. It had been a long day and […]

Rorschach Architecture


This past summer I stumbled upon Glenn Beck’s book Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education. Now, I’m not a fan of Beck or his politics and I hadn’t, until that point, been paying much attention to the Common Core debate in the United States. But, having done all of my graduate […]

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