How Does Curriculum Fit with Personalization, Technology, and Empowerment? And a Few More Questions.

I often find myself demonstrating this-or-that edtechtool to rooms of educators using content I taught in the classroom. Thanks to the The Great War YouTube channel spurring my interest, I often use World War I content. As I demo a tool or strategy, I will ask the audience a World War I-related question. This is […]


There have been numerous education initiatives proposed, adopted, and later left on the side of the road during my teaching and administrative career. Initiatives involve ideas, programs and techniques that often are created, analyzed, and deemed viable options by the individuals farthest away from the students who will be impacted. Teachers are sometimes selected to […]



Mrs. O’Reilly opened her teacher manual to the next lesson in the approved sequence. It was time to confront multiplication of proper fractions. Before the kids left for home the day before, she had informed them that they would each need to bring an apple to class. “Hands-on, real-life application of mathematical processes,” she announced, […]

Pokémon Go, One Quick Thought…

The other day, when I was talking to one of my educator friends, I voiced something to the effect of, “If I were still in the classroom, I’d find a way to fit Pokémon Go into my teaching!” In my opinion, this app is the perfect example of when it’s appropriate to begin planning instruction […]

Project-Based Learning Professional Development (part 3): The Workshop Model

teachers collaborating

This post is the final of three installments that describe the three project-based learning (PBL) professional development sessions I facilitated for our Innovate Salisbury team, a team of 15 teachers engaging with building leaders, district leaders, and other experts/thought leaders to help shape the vision for teaching and learning in our classrooms…To read more about […]

Art Exposure for Students – it’s good for them.

image credit: M. Knoll (WTSD) I’m a bit biased when it comes to art. I’m in love with it. While I am not drawn to a certain style or anartistin particular, I am afan of getting as many people to see art for what it is – an avenue of expression utilizing a gift someone […]

What is Inquiry Based Science Curriculum?


With so many different approaches to teaching science, sometimes curriculum can be mystifying to parents and novice teachers. This is a brief overview of the inquiry science model and how it fits into today’s science standards. Inquiry based science teaching is a way to frame science topics and questions so that students are driven by […]

When Education Teaches: Do Something


“Because it’s boring!” This was my 11-year-old niece’s tearful explanation for the recent decline in her grades. When I calmly asked her to explain to me what she meant by “boring” I got: “Because in middle school you don’t actually get to DO anything. When you’re a little kid like for example, like a Kindergartener, […]

First Steps to Teaching Science


There are a lot of aspects of teaching that are learned best through experience, however many systems and approaches can be shared and can save new science teachers a lot of trouble. Although I will never consider myself a “master” teacher, I do hope my insights can help you navigate the minefield of teaching science. […]

What should a teacher do if they don’t like parts of their curriculum?


This post was originally inspired by an email conversation [email protected] earlier this week, about a high school English teacher who said she no longer wanted to teach Shakespeare because she felt it wasn’t relevant to her students. Also, she happened personally not to like Shakespeare. I found this latter point more disturbing; considering what is […]

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