Debra Pierce

Special Children… A Different Perspective


As a teacher of young children, the chances of having children with special needs in your classroom is very likely. We know that with the proper support and collaboration, the benefits of inclusion extend to all parties involved… the child with special needs and her parents, the other children in the classroom and their parents, […]

Beach Balls or Raw Eggs? Sharing Sensitive Information with Parents


Taking good, objective notes during observations is critical for documenting behaviors and development. A fair number of these to share at conference time can really make a difference. When approaching parents with a problem behavior or a concern about development, it is far easier to do so when you have a series of documented observations […]

“Wait Until YOU Get Alex Next Year!” How to Handle Unsolicited Gossip about Children and Families in your Program


Regardless of whether it’s a family child care or a center-based program, human nature dictates the tendency for breaking the code of confidentiality in order to share a juicy tidbit with co-workers. Maybe it’s something overheard in the hallway or a parent has confided an issue at home that may surely have repercussions on her […]

The CDA Exam… How Does It Work?


The computer-generated CDA Exam is taken at a Pearson VUE Testing Center. A location near you can be found by using the Pearson VUE Website at: You can make your appointment online or by calling 1-866-507-5627. If you will require special accommodations related to a disability, you will need to locate and download a […]

Attending a Conference This Year?


Learning new information that builds on what we already know gives a boost to our classroom performance. We bring back these new ideas to put into immediate use with the children. ttending an early childhood conference is a great way to immerse oneself in new ideas and information. Many presentations will provide CEUs for attending […]

Setting Goals and Making Changes


As Early Childhood professionals, we need to be constantly looking ahead and staying ahead. Research continues to provide new insight into the growth and development of young children. This, in turn, impacts how we can best approach caring for and teaching them. Oftentimes, working in the profession for a number of years creates a plateau […]

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