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The User’s Manual To Design Thinking Your Teaching


I have a confession to make. I’ve become obsessed with Design Thinking. It’s gotten to the point where I “Design Thinking” everything. How do I Design Thinking my lunch? How do I Design Thinking my classroom phone policy? How do I Design Thinking teaching? Teaching? Yep. Let’s do that. What I love about Design Thinking […]

The Shadow-a-Student Challenge Returns

Last year, I participated in more Twitter chats than I can count. I co-hosted 2 Edcamps and went to a national conference. I even traveled to Australia to present at a conference! But, there was one professional development experience that surpassed any of those events by far; and it didn’t cost me anything. I participated […]

Reimagining Learning Spaces with Design Thinking: #HackingPBL

Before I left the classroom a few years ago, there were a few items on my bucket list I never got to accomplish (and I would have accomplished them had I taught for just one more year)…One of these missed opportunities was a complete redesign of my classroom. You see, the final year I taught […]

Hacking Design Thinking For Education Part 3: Design Thinking In School


Think. Design. Create. Test. Analyze. Think. Design. Iterate. Test. Solve. Improve. Solve better. Think you’re done? Think again! The Design Thinking Process is really a cycle that looks something like this: Take the iPhone. Apple releases a new model every year. Why? Profit of course! But, each version is better. It offers something new. Something […]

Passion Projects Aren’t Just for Kids!


Last year, I watched in amazement as leaders exposed the powerful opportunities that are derived when schools provide outlets for students to pursue their passions. The movement in passion projects has been fueled through the work of leaders like Girish Venkat, Founder & CEO of Thrively, and Angela Maiers, Founder of Choose2Matter, to provide a […]

I’m Just Getting Warmed Up!

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It was a great year! I had a blast! It had a lot of ups and downs. It was a tough year. It was awesome! One down, 25 more to go. After seventeen years in education, I think I have used all of the responses above to the all too familiar question from others during […]

Teaching Design in Education….What Can You Do?

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I haven’t worked in education long, but If I hear one more person class design technology as a non academic subject I may suffer an aneurysm. Where did this notion of design being less academic arrive? Does the notion derive from the days when design was arts and crafts and the subject became diluted with […]

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