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What If Kids Didn’t Need To Act Out? Ask Rae Pica!

Celebrating World Teacher Day With Rae Pica! I’ve seen a lot of obnoxious behaviors and I admit I cleared a kindergarten class a couple times early on, before I knew better. I had a kid who tossed around pretty much everything in my Principal’s office, experienced the ‘joys’ of a key job on my car, […]

Play: It’s Not Just a Game, It’s a Game Changer!

You know, it’s really hard nowadays for a child to simply be a child. There’s so much pressure to perform academically, that Kindergarten has become the new first grade and preschool has become the new Kindergarten. Parents get caught up in the frenzy, worried that their children will be “behind” by the time they get […]

Watch Out for Performance Hang-Ups in Early Childhood


A few years ago, the Gesell Institute, named for developmental pioneer Dr. Arnold Gesell, decided to test the premise that kids today develop more quickly than they used to. They took the developmental norms established by the work of Dr. Gesell in the 1940s and launched a three year study concluding in 2010 to gauge […]

Learning To Swim. Letting Go of Our Floaties!

Summer. A time to rest, relax, rejuvenate, reflect and plan. Before we know it, school bells will ring and here we go again. Tonight I’m writing from head and heart, hoping to inspire you to take a giant leap forward in your school and life. Make it happen. Just do it. Kinders are fearless. Why […]

Why Elementary School Children Need Stress Relievers


My husband, who was a math major in college, received this text from our daughter, who is a veterinarian with strong math skills:”If dad is bored, he can think of a word with uppercase letters that has 5 acute angles, 2 obtuse angles and 5 right angles.”This is her third grade daughter’s homework. It took […]

Sometimes The Best Part To Change Is You


“When we change one part of the chemical formula, we change the nature of the results” – Stephen R. Covey Sometimes the best part to change is YOU. Last week, my students and all other chemistry students at my high school, took the stoichiometry test (the “stork llama tree” test according to my iPhone’s voice […]

What IF Everybody Understood Child Development? by Rae Pica

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This is an A plus read for everybody wanting to make sense of early childhood education! Simply said, Rae Pica walks the talk with plain language about what kiddos really need to survive and thrive in today’s challenging STEM world. It’s up to us to protect our littles and ensure each child is treated as […]

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