Digital BreakoutEDU

Make Vocabulary Fun with Digital Breakouts

Engaging students in vocabulary review is challenging. Here is a strategy for using digital breakouts to make vocabulary review fun and challenging. Step One: Build aQuizlet deck. Quizlet is a great tool for making vocabulary flash cards. TheQuizlet Livefeature is another fun way to review vocabulary with students. Step Two: Click on “Test.” The Quizlet […]

Engage Students with Digital BreakoutEDU

There is something magic that happens when school becomes something other than, “question-correct answer-repeat.” One strategy to break out of that pattern, engage students, and get them problem-solving is BreakoutEDU. Teachers can also create web-based breakoutsor Digital BreakoutEDU. What is BreakoutEDU? Based on escape rooms, BreakoutEDU, created by Mark Hammons and James Sanders, involves students […]