Digital Transformation

Administrators: How To Model Digital Leadership


The more I write and speak about education, the wider the disconnect I see between our ever-changing world and our unchanging schools and administrators. Outliers exist among those schools and leaders, but by and large, the one-size-fits-all American education system hasn’t changed much in over 100 years—and from my vantage point, too few administrators effectively […]

All Students Every Day


“In teaching others, we teach ourselves.” – Proverb Meeting individual students’ needs is an often-elusive goal for American educators. For as long as I can remember, we’ve been learning about and promoting “differentiated instruction,” or providing different students with varied approaches to learning. Certainly a lofty goal, but our industrial-era school system was designed for […]

Digital Storytelling with Powtoon


The PowToon Presentations Edu App is available in the Chrome Web Store. Students can easily sign in using the Google Plus single sign-on. I had students watch this YouTube video first on how to make a PowToon I gave students time to play with the different features of PowToon and become comfortable with it […]

District Leaders: Focus on Content First, Tech Second


“True teams are made when you put aside individual wants for collective good.”– Chiney Ogwumike Today I’m attending a professional conference hosted in our district and jointly organized by local school districts –North Shore School District 112,Township High School District 113, and our District, theDeerfield Public Schools – District 109; we also welcome our friends […]

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