Market Street, Bus Ride Into Empathy


Empathy. Can’t teach it, surely can model it. “Market Street”, 2015, a Newberry, Caldecott and winner of other prestigious prizes, reads as a modern masterpiece for children of all ages. Not only does it appear to be a gentle intergenerational love story between a boy and his grandma, we experience diversity, kindness and empathy throughout […]

DACA Dreamers!

immigrant child

DACA Dreamers! Si, se puede. Yes we can! DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Until recently, perhaps we were not as aware of this program as we should or could have been. Part of my career I taught school administration in the Bilingual Cohort at California State University, Sacramento. I was Keynote Speaker […]

State of the Dream in the New Year


With hope in my heart and passion in my soul I am reposting last year’s MLK inspired missive.This year, more important than ever, may we recognize Dr. King’s aspirations and belief in the future success stories for all America’s children. Tonight my heart is filled with joy. As we welcome the successes of the New […]


Everybody Cooks Rice Learning To Cook Together I AM WRITING THIS TONIGHT FROM MY HEART. It’s World Kindness Day today! Recent events caused me to lose my faith for a bit. It wasn’t just about who won or didn’t win the Election, but the level of hate spewing throughout and continuing. I worry about the […]

Did My Friends Make It Home Last Night?


My three best friends are black men. What does this say about me? Nothing really. There have times in my life when my three best friends were white men. So why do I bring this up? I bring this up because it’s still early in the morning and I haven’t talked to my best friends […]

Loving Recklessly: Hope Within Reach

Loving Recklessly

This post was co-written withTodd Nesloney. You can find his bloghere. The Way It May Seem It seems these days that you can’t turn on the tv, radio, or surf the web without bearing witness to another atrocity that has happened around the world. Sometimes those events are far away and easy to disconnect from, […]

10 Practices to Help Bilingual Students Succeed – Lessons from Israel #VibeEdu


This is just one in a series of ongoing posts on the educational innovations in Israel. You can see additional coveragehere. New York City (the place I teach) is indeed a melting pot, and while New Yorkers embrace its diversity, teaching in a school where students are not fluent in English, and often are not […]

A New Approach to All-Inclusive Early Childhood Education: Getting All Teachers Ready for DECAL!


By Karen N. Nemeth, Ed.M., Pam Brillante, Ed.D., Leah J. Mullen, M.A. What do we need to see in early childhood education now and in the future? Our hands can reach back to help our colleagues move up, but our eyes have to look forward to the early childhood classrooms of the future. The days […]

To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate?: The Annual Question About Holidays in School


We live in a culturally diverse world, which means that, whether or not you have a culturally diverse classroom, cultural sensitivity is important if we’re striving for understanding – and, yes, world peace. At no time does the issue of cultural sensitivity become more prominent than during the fall/winter holiday season, with questions arising as […]