Teaching through chronic illness: Stay organized!

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Carrying my binder around the Cleveland Clinic became more onerous each day of my visit. I did not dare leave it behind, though. My baby blue binder had my imaging CDs, my symptoms notebook, places for visit summaries and receipts, my to-do lists, and all of my medical history for the last ten years. Sure, […]

Using Technology to Support Documentation in the Classroom


I recently wrote areflectionabout different examples of hands on learning that I have been a part of lately. Although there was no question as to whether these different situations involved learning, what seemed missing was a means of effectively elaboratingupon the intricacies of the various lessons and activities. Take theStephanie Alexander Kitchen Programfor example. Students […]

Accidental Assessment


I’ve had several anguished conversations with friends in the past few weeks. These are people with young children, particularly boys, who are watching their kids disengage from school, start to feel anxious about school, begin to dislike school. Whereas backpacks and shoes used to fly on in the morning, now they have to coax and […]

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