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Learning To Teach Littlest Angels, Life Lessons For All


Leaving a Legacy. Walking the Talk I never dreamed I’d take my biggest educational risk ever, teaching the littles, but I did. Although for several years I was a Preschool Principal, it’s not the same as this. After summer volunteering, a literacy grant was awarded this special preschool, just my thing, so I’m back in […]

Every Child a Star! Leo The Early Bloomer

Tonight I am writing about Hope. Every Child a Star! Leo The Early Bloomer. One of my favorite children’s books,Leo the Late Bloomer, resonates for us all. Regardless of who we are teaching, there are lessons galore in this special book written by Kraus, illustrated by Aruego in 1971. Maybe even more relevant today, as […]

Is Play in Early Education Really Necessary?


There is a major focus on pushing young children to learn academics at earlier ages. Of course this is all well intentioned. Everyone’s goal is for children to be successful in school and in life. But, if this is the focus and desire for children, it is essential that the knowledge that science is providing […]

What Children Need Most is Adults That Understand Development


The brain doesn’t fully develop until about the age of 25. This fact is sometimes quite surprising and eye opening to new parents and early years professionals who are interacting with children every day. It can also be somewhat overwhelming to contemplate. It is essential to realize however, that the greatest time of development occurs […]

What I Learned From Sherlock


Many eagerly awaited the return of “Sherlock” last week. And as usual, it didn’t disappoint. I watch very little television, but this is one show that captured my interest from the very first episode. Sherlock’s brilliance and ability to solve mysteries always amazes me. But it was a scene in which his sidekick, Watson, rebukes […]

Debunking the Belief That Earlier Is Better

child and computer

A quality coach in Arizona who attended one of my recent presentations sent me this quote from a teacher of one-year-olds: “We have to have long group times where we go over flashcards with numbers and letters, and require that the children sit still for at least 20 minutes, because that is … when the […]

Ambivalence Toward the Classroom Calendar

Classroom calendars have been a mainstay in preschools and kindergartens for some time. You can find one in most classrooms. While some teachers have rejected calendar routines altogether, my feelings are more equivocal. The daily calendar routine often represents a bit of a contradiction. Educators who scorn teacher-directed activities—or anything that has the flavor of […]

What Do The Children Deserve?


Envision a world filled with happy children who are eager to learn, are healthy, feel confident in their abilities, have well developed language abilities, strong math and reading skills, are creative and curious, get along with other children, are physically fit and active, and are self disciplined. Picture all of these children developing into adults […]

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