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“What Did You Do at Preschool Today?” “Nothing.”

CanWE Talk

When I was teaching preschool, I was often asked by parents how to get some information out of their children about their day. Most of the time, when asked, “What did you do today?” parents would get one of two answers: “I played” or “Nothing.” And, no matter how much they pumped for more information, […]

Is Play in Early Education Really Necessary?


There is a major focus on pushing young children to learn academics at earlier ages. Of course this is all well intentioned. Everyone’s goal is for children to be successful in school and in life. But, if this is the focus and desire for children, it is essential that the knowledge that science is providing […]

Unpacking BIG Discoveries for Little Learners

Big discovery

There have been so many exciting scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in the past few years. Most recently, all the buzz is around the confirmation of gravitational waves, theorized by Einstein a century ago. The question for me as an educator is always how to share these important advances in science with students. How does one […]

A Misguided Definition of Success


Recently, in Diane Ravitch’s blog, I read a truly disturbingletterfrom a teacher who had quit her job at Success Academy, a charter school, because she couldn’t “in good conscience” be the teacher they wanted her to be. And what kind of teacher was that? Apparently, the kind who “didn’t hold high enough expectations” for her […]

Can Teaching Boys Be a Joy?


When asked how the school year is going, if a teacher responds, “I have mostly boys in this year’s class,” no further explanation is typically required. The message is clear: the teacher has more challenges than usual! But why is that? Are boys just inherently more disruptive? Harder to teach? I asked these questions – […]

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