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Hey, Preschool Teacher: Is It You or a Screen? I Choose YOU

So, I really wasn’t expecting what I witnessed today, but somehow, it didn’t surprise me. I took the morning to visit a childcare center that might potentially partner with our Early Childhood program to provide practicum experiences for our students. We currently have contracts with about six or seven centers that align with our philosophy, […]

Building Relationships and Setting the Stage Before K: Transitions


This summer (kicking and screaming) I am a parent in transition. My oldest son is entering 7th grade and heading to the Jr. High. Reflecting on this transition I am calling it the’2nd Kindergarten’as it is evoking similar emotions as when he started Kindergarten a few years ago….

Open-ended Activities: One Right Definition?

I have been teaching Art, Music and Movement to college students for a while. There are certain concepts we try to get across to practitioners that are important to ECE professionals, and encouraged by our professional organization, NAEYC. One of those concepts is the idea of open-ended activities. What are open-ended activities? Do you put […]

Show Me the “No Excuses” Early Childhood Education Student!

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“I just have to pass this course! I’m sending you some assignments I forgot to do at the beginning of the semester and I hope you’ll accept them This has been a horrible semester, with my aunt passing away and my Internet not working. And then, I got the flu at midterm and …” These […]

A New Approach to All-Inclusive Early Childhood Education: Getting All Teachers Ready for DECAL!


By Karen N. Nemeth, Ed.M., Pam Brillante, Ed.D., Leah J. Mullen, M.A. What do we need to see in early childhood education now and in the future? Our hands can reach back to help our colleagues move up, but our eyes have to look forward to the early childhood classrooms of the future. The days […]

Divided and Fragmented…Change on the Horizon?

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Many in the early childhood field would agree that the momentum surrounding early childhood education throughout the country seems to be building in our favor. On local and national levels, in the media and the government, with educators and politicians, early care and learning is in the news.This is exciting, but I’m torn because although […]

Are You Unintentionally Telling Your Students Not to Listen to You?


Ask any teacher about the challenges of the classroom, and somewhere near the top of that list will be getting children to listen. Particularly in the early childhood classroom, we’re not only working with all the competing stimuli around us (squirrel!) but also with impulse control and other executive functions that are in the early […]

“Hey! I just noticed I’m getting an F in your class. What can you do for me?”


Ok, so those of us who instruct teachers-in-training can identify with emails starting out with, “Hey!,” students arriving late for class, texting while you’re talking, having little regard for anyone but themselves, and no idea what is appropriate to wear in public. These students will someday represent your college or training agency as they go […]

Time for a “YOU” Turn… Taking Care of Yourself as an Early Childhood Educator


Let’s face it… As care providers– in either Early Childhood programs or as parents, it often becomes natural to neglect our own needs. We use up all our time making sure the children in our care are happy and cared for, sometimes at the expense of adequate sleep, nutrition, and emotional well-being. It isn’t until […]

I Am a Professional… Hear Me Roar!


One of the biggest complaints most early care and education professionals have is the lack of respect for what they do. They are responsible for our youngest and most vulnerable children, whose bodies and brains are developing at an astounding rate… more so than at any time in their lives, except for, perhaps, prenatally. And […]

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