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I hear two kids working in the blocks center. “This is the wall that protects the house.” “And here are cameras to watch for bad guys.” “Look at this tall part here.” “What if we put this here? It’s a door to escape.” I read and hear a lot about collaboration connected with education. We […]

From Consumers to Creators: Integrating Technology in the PreK-3 Years.


Is this what you think of when considering incorporating Digital Learning in your PreK-3 classes? If so-you are not alone. In NAEYC’s recent book: TechnologyandDigital Media in the Early Yearsprovided some guidance into this new territory: We all share a responsibility to be sure children’s engagement with screen media supports early learning and the development […]

Connecting with PreK: Intentional Staff Development Opportunities

With a nudgefrom this year’sMN Pre3 Principal Leadership Serieswe have been looking at ways to more intentionally work with our preschool educators in our community. On Wednesday, March 9th we will put this into action with our first preK/K collaborative staff development opportunity. Goal:Create aPreK-K Literacy Workshop 1.1Engageyour learning community in understanding the importance of […]

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