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4 Things I’m NOT Saying When I Speak About Developmentally Appropriate Practice


When I get the chance to speak to groups about DAP I cover a lot of ground. I talk about things like: The importance of respecting childhood, the developmental process, and individual learners. The critical nature of appropriate, foundational early learning experiences. The danger of shifting perceptions and expectations for children in early childhood, in […]

Finding Fulcrum Between Work and Life


We are in the educational 4th quarter all! I tend to forgot how crazy busy this time of year can be until I am in the middle of it shaking my head. Some days in the spring I start to feel like this….. So how do we find the point that supports that balance we […]

Divided and Fragmented…Change on the Horizon?

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Many in the early childhood field would agree that the momentum surrounding early childhood education throughout the country seems to be building in our favor. On local and national levels, in the media and the government, with educators and politicians, early care and learning is in the news.This is exciting, but I’m torn because although […]

We Point to Our Heart


Ask a child to point to herself. Where does her index finger land? If you or I were to point to ourselves, we would likely place our hand on the same destination as that child. We point not to our forehead, not to our stomach, not to our ear or our other hand. We point […]