This Ain’t Your Mama’s PD!

Professional development has changed drastically, for the better, since I began my career. Long gone are the days of “sit and get, one size fits all” pd. Thank goodness! Professional development is more personalized with teachers taking control and leading it often. The tenets of high quality professional development include: Job embedded Ongoing Opportunities for […]

Been There, Still Doin’ That

education conference

With the school year going into full swing, so are many of the weekend September festivities; festivals, football, and fall TV. For educators, it is also a time for weekend conferences, workshops, and edcamps. Ever since becoming a Superintendent, I have been faced with the same questions at least once a week; below is a […]

This is the Year You Become a Connected Educator. Here’s How.

Does your doctor use leeches? Does your dentist use doorknobs and string? Of course not. If we want medical professionals using contemporary practices, shouldn’t we expect the same from other professions, especiallyteachers? The best way to stay current is to be a connected educator. Being a connected educator means using social media to improve your […]

Blogging: Teaching Students How to Quality Comment


After co-presenting on blogging at EdcampNYCand then bloggingabout the significance of student work being made public, I have heard lots of conversation and questions regarding how to teach students to comment on each other’s blog posts. In this area, one of the resources that has guided me is the work of Silvia Tolisano. Nonetheless…The last […]

Why Write for Your Teacher When You Can Publish for the World?


Last weekend at EdcampNYC, Starr Sackstein (@mssackstein), Tony Sinanis (@TonySinanis), and I facilitated a conversation on blogging and branding. This was the first time I had run a session with either of them, and it was an absolute blast! Making my work public is something about which I am passionate. Also, I strongly support students […]

EdCamp Your PD


Over a year ago, I began reading about this growing trend of professional development called the EdCamp. Educators created what they wanted to learn on the spot and shared amazing insights, tips, tricks, and ideas in a fabulous, collaborative environment. So, last summer, I had to try it out. I attended the Google EdCamp held […]

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