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Ask These Questions About Time to Evaluate Classroom Technology Integration


Devices in classrooms can empower students when used effectively.But how do teachers know if they are integrating technology effectively? Here are questions to ask about time that help teachers use effectively integrate technology. What percentage of time are students in creative apps such asSynth, Tour Creator, ThingLink,Jamboard,Canva,Flipgrid, Google My Maps, Google Sites, etc? What percentage […]

Let Them Play: Approaches to Technology Integration and PD That Empower Teachers


InDrive, Daniel Pink argues that mastery, autonomy, and purpose motivate people in their careers. A study by The Economist and Google for Education found that giving teachers autonomy makes them better teachers. For more information on the study: 1:35 video summary Research summary blog post Full study findings Giving teachers autonomy with edtechspurs mastery and […]

How Best to Bust Myths That Harm Childhood?

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I’m not a fan of fear tactics. In fact, I often can be heard railing against them, as I believe the media’s obsession with them has made parents paranoid and forced children into a childhood that doesn’t look remotely like childhoodshould. Take, for example, the belief that earlier is better. Whether we’re discussing athletics or […]

Conversations – Not Apps — Grow Children’s Language

teacher and children

Those of us with children have all been there: standing in a queue as long as the river Nile at the supermarket with a slowly unraveling toddler in the cart. You could hand her your iPhone with a colorful app that bings and boings to forestall that tantrum. Or, you could talk to her – […]

Coding, Computational Thinking and Kindergarten


So last year I started a Coding Club…with kindergarten students. Oh it get’s better-I haven’t been a ‘teacher’ in over a decade! The Woodson Coding Club started first on a personal passion – to find out more about my son’s love of robotics. This passion grew into a mission to provide our youngest learners opportunity […]

Three Ways To Use 30-Second Videos In Your Classroom


2-4 kids and a Smartphone… Nice and easy but powerful. The ticket to awesome. Check it out. As teachers, we often do too much and the kids too little. We give a lot of information, but little processing time in class. Luckily, there are easy ways to change that. Check out my other posts on […]

Reasons and Tips for Launching Your Own Classroom Blog

At this point, it’s time for all educators to admit to themselves: students don’t like our old-fashioned ways of teaching. These generations need a different approach. More specifically, we need to inspire them to learn through technology. Blogging, as part of the aspiration of contemporary educators to infuse technology into their methods, is getting incredibly […]

Your Students Are Addicted to Their Phones So Take Advantage of It!

2e1ax elegantwhite entry Stop Banning Cell Phones

I often think of the great book On Their Side by Bob Strachota when working with students, especially those who are hard to reach. I recently read an argument that claims phones don’t belong in school. Looking through the lens of On Their Side, it is difficult to imagine scolding students for using phones and […]

Pokemon GO is a Powerful Learning Tool

Pokemon GO 1

Chances are that even if are off enjoying your summer deep in the wilderness, or on a resort island, at some point this week you’ve heard about or have seen people playing the wildly popular Pokemon GO. After downloading the game, players are asked to voyage out into the real-world( fixing one of the problems […]

Are you asking these questions about #edtech?

ed tech

In a previous blog post, I suggested educators, particularly leaders, ask this question about technology use: How does the technology advance us toward our vision for learning? Keeping in mind that learner agency is a big part of that vision, I’ve been intrigued by a quote from Gary Stager: Technology is not neutral. It bestows […]

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