Evoke Emotions To Help Students Learn


As the students were working on their bell ringer today (recalling radioactive decay equations), I stood in the middle of class and read the following to them: He was the only person making his way into the city; he met hundreds and hundreds who were fleeing, and every one of them seemed to be hurt […]

Universal Truth: We Create Our Own Reality


This is the third post in the Universal Truth Series. Please check out Universal Truth: Everyone Has At Least One Superpower and Universal Truth: We All Have The Power To Change The World if you enjoy reflections on simple but powerful existential truths. Reality is what we make it… Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, student, […]

The Danger of Designing Lessons for Thinkers

My twitter handle will seem a bit strange to some readers. I [email protected] The premise of this term—coined by David L. Krech—is that human beings never just think. They are not best described, therefore, as “thinkers”.Rather, human beings are emotional beings. Our emotional responses are the primary way in which we make sense out of […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators: #2 Find A Source of Dramatic Tension

A good story often containssome kind of dramatic tension. We see freedom and oppression play out in Cinderella. We see the idea ofknown and unknownworlds play out in Jack and The Beanstalk. We see safety and danger play out in Hantzel and Gretel.Dramatic tension is not only the stuff of children’s stories, myths, or fairytales […]

Tips for Imaginative Educators: #1 Find the Story

Here’s the golden rule of Imaginative Education: Identify the emotional significance of the topics you are teaching. This rule applies to all educators. No matter what you teach, where you teach, or the age of your students, engaging teaching starts with you identifying what it is about the topic that evokesyour sense of wonder. On […]

How To Make Your Teaching Meaningful And Memorable

A second post title: Evoke Feelings for Fractions, Photosynthesis, & Forces. Some people might find it odd to read feelings and fractions in the same sentence. The truth is, we don’t talk much about feelings in education. When we do, our discussion tends to focus on the social and emotional needs of students rather than […]

Emotional Intelligence: Teach It! – Infographic


Unless you’re a former lobotomy victim emotions affect everything you do and are present everywhere in your life. And that’s a good thing! Emotions help us understand the universe, play a key part in our decision-making, and are crucial in our relationships. If you’re an educator or a parent you observe daily the power emotions […]

As Only She Can


This is one of the reasons that I love her so much. The fact that she unabashedly shows her emotions. Stuff matters to her. There are times when this makes for bumpy rides. But I’ll take highs and lows over in-betweens all day long. I say that now that a recent low has subsided. Still, […]

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