Where Has All the Singing Gone?

If I were to believe my early childhood students, singing with children is passe. Being a small sample (this class has thirty students), perhaps I am being overly harsh. But then again, prior classes had also moved into the dizzying array of YouTube videos for preschoolers. Blingy, fast-moving, cartoonish music videos have become the go-to […]

Jobs for Kids: Creating Community Through Meaningful Work

Jobs for kids! What a thought!It conjures up images of assembly lines with children chained, or at least velcroed to their seats. Not a pleasant, or even, legal image. Children are beautiful, full of life and fun. They are creative people with amazing minds. Why should parents and teachers yoke them to responsibilities aside from […]

I’m a Teacher You See…


I’m a teacher you see… I am whatever I need to be Whoever I want to be Whenever I chose to be Sometimes, I’m the facilitator Often, the content creator Always the learning moderator At times, a color commentator I’m Pablo Picasso multimedia creator And Albert Einstein the mind agitator I am Marco Polo the […]