Charlottesville: How Did We Get Here?

HOw did we get

Charlottesville God Bless America, Land of Difference Bigotry, hate, violence, is it possible to find common ground for real dialogue when the country feels like it has gone mad at the moment? Violence did indeed break out at today’s White Nationalist Protest. Not surprising after the disgusting images I saw on Twitter last evening, late […]

Breaking the Silence…


Last week, I wrote apiece about some looksthat my students receivedon a field trip. It was an eye-opening experience for me that demanded immediate attention and reflection. I shared the piece with my learning network and over all of my social media sites, but how could it end there?How could I create change in the […]

Skin Deep

I love going on field trips with my students. There is something special about taking a group of students to a place that they have never been to see things that are completely new to them. You notice a true sense of wonder, engagement, and curiosity emerge when you take a child to explore a […]

My Son Likes Purple…

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So there we were. It was Friday morning and the kick-off to 4th of July weekend. I just finished up an 8-mile run on the bridge, boardwalk, and beach and returned to the beach house. I figured I would eat something, take a quick shower, and head out for a nice beach day with my […]

Public Schools for ALL Learners

Hand-in-glove with our faith in democracy, Americans have long believed that in order to fully participate in their government, citizens need to be educated. Our nation’s unflagging commitment to public education has transformed a nation of (mostly) poor immigrants into the world’s largest economy and greatest superpower.The continuing efforts of today’s educators will ensure that […]