What Responsibility Do We Owe Puerto Rican Students?

Girl students Yabucoa

At this point, it might be useful for us to ask ourselves…what is this act, what is this scene in which action is taking place, what is this agency and what is its purpose?” Ralph Ellison, Lecture to Teachers, 1963 Several years ago I had the opportunity to work in Puerto Rico as an education […]

Can I Borrow a Quarter?


Technology always moves at the speed of exhaustion, but didyou know about the LifeLine Modernization Act of 2016?The super short version: the 226-page act provides those families that live in poverty to qualify for a $9.75 internet grant for each home. So what? Well…the same exact families are also qualified for reduced rates (Free / […]

Addressing Equity – Opportunity – Acceleration for All #Engage109


“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill In the Deerfield Public Schools, District 109, we have decided to make a change to mathematics program delivery models starting in the 2017-18 school year in the 6th grade. We are going to eliminate “regular math” and offer “accelerated […]

Loving Recklessly: Hope Within Reach

Loving Recklessly

This post was co-written withTodd Nesloney. You can find his bloghere. The Way It May Seem It seems these days that you can’t turn on the tv, radio, or surf the web without bearing witness to another atrocity that has happened around the world. Sometimes those events are far away and easy to disconnect from, […]

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