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Dinner for Nine: A Meal for Many

My seventh graders were in the process of researching information about Jackie Robinson in order to create an expository essay. Together, we were reading the book, 42 is Not Just a Number, by Doreen Rappaport. In the first chapter, the author writes of how Robinson’s family did not have much money when he was a […]

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Grade Papers with Wise Feedback

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To Consider During Your End of Holiday Grading As the holiday break dwindles to a final few days, you may finally be thinking about grading all those papers you brought home. With a resolution to be a better teacher, I thought I would share one small way to help students improve their work, and perhaps […]

Use these 10 educational online resources to write A+ essays


Have you ever made your best efforts to write a brilliant paper according to your professor’s instructions? That didn’t result well, did it? Don’t worry; all students have been in your shoes in one point or another. The difference between successful students and below-average achievers is that people of the first category never give up. […]

Tools for Teaching Essay Writing


Are you trying to teach your students or children how to write essays? Today’s educators can explore different approaches, but they have one thing in common: they need to rely on technology in order to bring the knowledge closer to the understandings of the current generation of learners. If you ignore the beneficial effects of […]

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