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Starbucks My Classroom: Fearing Failure, Defeating Doubt, Summoning Strength


Hey, So a couple of weeks ago I’ve pulled the trigger. I’ve decided to replace what is my traditional chemistry room now with a brand new flexible seating 21st Century Learning Space. I’ve decided to “Starbucks” my classroom. If you are new to the whole idea, please read my post “Starbucks My Classroom” Project: The […]

Take a Chance


I remember the day very well. It was 2002, and my husband and I lived and worked in a small community in southern Indiana. I had just finished my English teaching licensure after I had received my Bachelor’s degree two years prior, substitute teaching as much as I could, and I was looking for a […]

Tigers Above; Tigers Below


Truth is I’d rather run. Board a plane. Take a hike. Read a book. Listen to Brahms or Marvin Gaye or Aretha. Jump out of my skin. Escape. I have a certain expertise at running: I’m an escape artist. Houdini and me: we have got our act down! I have run fromthings scary, painful, disorienting […]

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