Cultivating A Culture Of Mistakes (+ A Free Poster)


Happy Friday! Or Saturday, depending on when you read this. As school draws closer (or maybe already back to the grind?), teachers and administrators experience a renewed sense of purpose. We reflect on how to start the year off right and how we can do things better. I have an ironic, but very true answer […]

Let Your Students FAIL

The Cycle of Failure We’ve all been in the situation with that “difficult” student in our class where they shut down, let out a sign of discontentand throw an assignmentaside while saying something like “I’m not doing this!”. I know this can be frustrating as an educator but I want you to think about something […]

Removing Escape Hatches from Your Classroom

escape hatch

A common theme I get asked about during my workshops is student motivation, or student effort. No matter what management techniques or systems you have in your classroom to maintain behavior, instilling a culture of working hard, or “grit” as some like to call it, is probably one of the most difficult things you can […]

This Ain’t No Industrial Age Homie: Teaching In The Information Age, Part 3b: Steve Would Have Wanted It This Way


Being Foolish Is Okay It takes time to learn how to approach people. All people are different in the way they see, experience, and interpret life, and students are people. I’ve failed at understanding and applying this many times before in life and in the classroom. Hell, I’ll probably fail a few (dozen, hundred?) times […]

Let’s Resolve to Make Mistakes!


Too often our New Year’s Resolutions involve perfection: we want to look better, weigh less, and have whiter teeth (but not whiter hair). We want our students to score higher on those standardized tests, our lesson plans to be efficient and effective from the beginning, and our technology to work exactly the way it’s supposed […]

Permission to Fail

photodune 11685350 exam fail xs

When was the last time you failed at something? How did you feel? What did you do next? Think about the three questions above after you have read this short blog. Why do we continue to put a negative emphasis on failing? Nobody wants to fail. As your children embark on school and life, I […]

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