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Jobs for Kids: Creating Community Through Meaningful Work

Jobs for kids! What a thought!It conjures up images of assembly lines with children chained, or at least velcroed to their seats. Not a pleasant, or even, legal image. Children are beautiful, full of life and fun. They are creative people with amazing minds. Why should parents and teachers yoke them to responsibilities aside from […]

Breakfast with Dads: A School Needed 50 Substitute Dads, 600 Showed Up!

Happy New Year! It’s such a pleasure to share this beautiful story as we kick off 2018. I think we all need to grab tissue, then go buy some neckties! “Something somewhat extraordinary happenedlast monthat Billy Earl Dade Middle School in Dallas. The school — with a student population of nearly 900, about 90 percent […]

“Does he act like this all day?” “No, Mr. Gibson. Only when you’re here.”

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This isn’t news for any teacher of young children anywhere. We’ve all experienced it. Four-year-old Carter is a good listener, follows the rules (mostly- he’s 4!), and gets along with the other children. Then, at day’s end, Mom arrives and a crazy transformation takes place. For Carter, rules are forgotten, as well as his inside […]

Plan a Family STEAM Night!


It has recently become more common to add the “A”, or art, to STEM education to make it STEAM education. It is not only a popular trend in education, but it also makes a lot of sense! The world is not sectioned off into subject specific experiences! Learning all of these skills together engages the […]

Finding Love Again


Today is Human Rights Day. Ironic we have to set aside a special day, when it should be the norm. Human rights for all. All the time. We are Teachers. We are strong and mighty. It’s time to find love again, doing whatever it takes. We’re all in this together. Let our collective voices “raise […]

Home Visits Are Not Just for Preschool

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As the principal at a rural high school several years ago I often wrestled with the notion of partnering with parents at this level. How could I engage families? So many freshmen entered without a clue as to how to be successful. Most of my parents did not have an understanding of how involved to […]

Partnerships: The Sky is the Limit

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Hopefullyin your educationalcareer,you have heard ofpartnershipswith some type of group. It can be as local as a store in town and as international as afor-profitbusiness. Regardless of whom it’s with, the goal of the partnership should be beneficial to the learners you serve. Note: this is not that “shared-partnership” nonsense. If a Board President ever […]

10 Practices to Help Bilingual Students Succeed – Lessons from Israel #VibeEdu


This is just one in a series of ongoing posts on the educational innovations in Israel. You can see additional coveragehere. New York City (the place I teach) is indeed a melting pot, and while New Yorkers embrace its diversity, teaching in a school where students are not fluent in English, and often are not […]

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