Hacking Design Thinking For Education Part 3: Design Thinking In School


Think. Design. Create. Test. Analyze. Think. Design. Iterate. Test. Solve. Improve. Solve better. Think you’re done? Think again! The Design Thinking Process is really a cycle that looks something like this: Take the iPhone. Apple releases a new model every year. Why? Profit of course! But, each version is better. It offers something new. Something […]

Starbucks My Classroom: Creating A 21st Century Learning Space


The picture you see above is of my students and myself after I received a technology grant, which I used to purchase Chromebooks so that my students can learn using 21st century technology. I already have 21st century technology. Now, I am on a mission to bring a 21st century learning space to my chemistry […]

Starbucks My Classroom: Small, Medium, or Large?


Hey Everyone! I have some exciting news. I was recently invited to appear on Vicky Davis’ podcast “Every Classroom Matters” to talk about flexible seating classroom design and the “Starbucks My Classroom” Project I started. The project has blown up on social media, and Twitter especially, as many people are sharing resources on #StarbucksMyRoom and […]

Flexibility is Key: Knowing When to Change Tech Lessons


“I won’t use technology in my classroom because I can’t use technology in my classroom. I can’t write this reflection, and I certainly can’t do a final digital presentation project that I would use in my classroom.” That was a strange thing to hear one of my student teachers say in the Tech 110 course […]

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