How Do You Like These Flipping Jigsaws?


I always liked the concept of jigsaw activtities: to give students more ownership of their learning, to use class time differently, to invite some creativity, etc. The Expert Groups meet for 1 or more class periods to learn about a sub-topic and to prepare a short presentation about it. Then students break into the Home […]

Turn Videos into Interactive Lessons with eduCanon


www.eduCanon.com EduCanon is a great way to turn video lessons into an interactive assessment tool rather than just a means of delivering content. Teachers can embed questions directly within any video from a number of popular sites including YouTube, TeacherTube, Vimeo, and Kahn Academy. Students are given immediate feedback, and they can rewind to review […]

“FLIPPED” Classroom Is All About The Relationships


Most educators who consider flipping develop angst beginning with the fear of making videos. The concerns typically center on the time necessary to make the videos, the technological skills to produce the videos or the where with all to put voice and/or face on public display. And of course there is the option to use […]