Future Ready

Why We Need to Teach Kids the “What’s Next?” Mindset


The Internet is the single most disruptive and creative force in the history of human kind. It changed our lives. While not the only things, digital products are things we buy now. Product consumption is undergoing a revolution. The nature of work will never be the same. The middle men are constantly being cut out. […]

How To Cram Better: What We Don’t Teach In School


Learning is like playing the blues. If you wanna get really good at it and be able to improvise, you must practice playing the blues a lot. You must also understand it. The scales, the chord progressions, the beats, the turnaround, the stories,the mood; the “how to blues.” If you wanna get really good at […]

20 Years Ago


I still can’t believe that I graduated Union High School 20 years ago this year. 1997 was a fun year–a senior in high school, not a care in the world. Then again, it was a different world. My superintendent, Dr. Jakubowski (with whom I still speak), made two prominent points at our graduation. 1. Don’t […]

Why We Need To Abandon Subjects And Focus On Big Picture Learning


When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. — Wayne Dyer I think we got it all wrong in education. Consider this. We always talk about connecting the classroom (the instruction, the subject area, the concepts etc.) to the […]

Teach Them How To Learn So They Can Own The Future


I love this quote by David Geurin, a Missouri high school principal. Check out David’s blog for more progressive and game changing teaching and leading ideas. Here’s another quote I love and wholeheartedly agree with. “Our job as teachers is not to “prepare” kids for something; our job is to help kids learn to prepare […]

Why Did He Leave The Room?


He just got up and left the room! Who does that?! In the middle of writing a sentence. Who does he think he is? Henry David Thoreau in need of an inspirational stroll. Let me rewind a bit. My son is in kindergarten and last week he and his classmates brought home Writing Journals. Every […]

I’m Pretty Weird, But The Universe Is Big Enough For All Of Us


I was a weird child. Once in second grade, I wore underwear to school thinking they were shorts. I remember that red pair of underwear. Rubber band drawn through waist. White numbers figuring prominently. Swag. As an adult, I am still weird. In an adult sort of a way. I mean, I don’t wear just […]

What If Surfboards + Wet Suits Were The Key to Supporting Disadvantaged Youth #VibeEdu


This is just one in a series of ongoing posts on the educational innovations in Israel. You can see additional coveragehere. When you think of disadvantaged youth, it’s not uncommon for images of teenagers hanging on the streets, drugs, incarceration and a dead end future to come to mind. But what if there was a […]

“…The Only Definite Outcome Is Uncertainty”

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The only thing we do know about the future is that is is uncertain. It surprises us. In our own lives and society, we know that unexpected challenges, problems and opportunities arrive. People and society is faced with everything from poverty and abuse to ISIS, climate change and natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornados. […]

Beginning Middle End – Journeys


“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. ”– W. Clement Stone Something that makes working in a school system so engaging and rewarding is that each year we get a new journey. Each year we begin a journey with new students – students for whom grade “x” is the first and only […]

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