Should We Be Talking About Sexism in Early Childhood Education?

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The short answer to the question posed in the title isyes. While it may seem as though the #MeToo and #Time’sUp movements have nothing to do with young children, the experts tell us that sexism does indeed begin in early childhood. In fact, psychology professor and author ofParenting Beyond Pink and Blue, Christia Spears Brown, […]

Book Review: Girl Up

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“You’ve been getting messages since you were a baby. Messages about who you are and what you’re good at, about how the world sees you and what you should do if you want to succeed … They said you need to be thin and beautiful … They warned you if you’re strong, opinionated, or take […]

Are Cultural Changes Changing Child Development?

Child Development

Traditionally, we have seen characteristic differences in the developing motor skills of boys and girls – usually evident beginning in early childhood. Boys tend to be ahead of girls in skills that emphasize power and force. By the time boys are 5, they can jump a longer distance, throw a ball farther, and run faster. […]

My Son Likes Purple…

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So there we were. It was Friday morning and the kick-off to 4th of July weekend. I just finished up an 8-mile run on the bridge, boardwalk, and beach and returned to the beach house. I figured I would eat something, take a quick shower, and head out for a nice beach day with my […]

Will You Be Teaching Singular “They”?


In the past couple of weeks, the dorkiest subsegments of the twitterverse, the blogosphere, and various other social interwebs have erupted with news of singular they. In December the Washington Post made their own headlines by adding singular they to their style guide. Then last week, the folks at the American Dialect Society went a […]