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Screencasts in Google Classroom


This year I have been creating my own screencasts using Screencastify, the free Chrome extenstion available on the Chrome Web Store. Unfortuntately, my screencasts would not play for me or my students in Google Classroom, until today. How to Have a Screencast Play in Google Classroom: 1. Record and name your screencast 2. Create a […]

Let’s Go to Disneyland! – A Virtual Spring Break Vacation!


As my first grade students left for their holiday break, I told one of the children to have a wonderful vacation. He sadly looked at me and said, “I’m not going on vacation. I am just staying home.” I explained to him that by vacation I meantnot coming to school. His reaction made me think […]

Introducing Google Apps from Scratch


One of my colleagues recently got the position in a new school. This got me thinking, in a school with no prior practices and protocols, how could something like Google Apps for Education help: Sharing Work On a basic level, Google Apps provides an easy way for students to share work. As I have written […]

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