Five Reasons Your Rubric Needs a Makeover: #HackingPBL


How will my students and I know they are learning what they are supposed to learning? How will I assess this? These are easily two of the more popular questions that emerge as educators make the shift to project based learning, and some form of a rubric (and its effective use) is usually a big […]

Grades, Learning, and Change


A few weeks ago, a teacher shared with me a question his had given to his students. He asked them, “If you had the choice foryour next grade, would you choose an 88 that you really worked hard for and learned something to earn or 95 where you won’t remember anything after the grade and […]

To Grade or Not to Grade: That is the Question


Let me begin with some context. I am an English department chair at a high school named by U.S. News as one of America’s Most Prominent High Schools. We have a high graduation rate and high test scores. I offer this only as a means of context for the endless and daily conversations I am […]

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