Marie Kondo and Me, Teacher Appreciation Week SOS!


Hopefully touching your hearts on Teacher Appreciation Week 2019! Just a lot of teaching stuff! I give up. SOS. Worst organizer, ever, and I’m moving again. Oh boy. Dearie me, I am a late bloomer as usual. I said feh until now about the crazy deal about organizing and tidying up. Morgan told me about […]

Blizzard! Home Is Where the Heart Is


I can’t get home Maybe with a drone, certainly not even my trusty Subie with a car seat, would venture out in this weather. Sheets of ice, some obvious, some hidden, lurking. Even walking like a penguin, I can’t manage going out the door at the moment. My big poodle slipped on the ice today, […]

I Don’t Need to Win the Lotto

Two simple questions: What do I really need? Who needs me? Recently, Seth Godin published a short post called “The ruby slippers problem.” In this brief post he described that, in our culture, we are always looking to get more rather than focusing on what we have. His post has been on my mind since […]

We Point to Our Heart


Ask a child to point to herself. Where does her index finger land? If you or I were to point to ourselves, we would likely place our hand on the same destination as that child. We point not to our forehead, not to our stomach, not to our ear or our other hand. We point […]

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