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Never Too Old: Advice Educators Should Take from Mr. Rogers

mister rogers

Most of us watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood at one time or another- along with our children or as children ourselves. So, we felt his impact and influence, either directly or indirectly. After watching the recent documentary about Fred Rogers, I was reminded of what genuinely matters and how the lessons he so sensitively taught children […]

Spring Promises


It’s been awhile since I wrote for you and I apologize for that. The good news is I’m still here. I seriously doubted I could get out of the mess I was in, no fault of my own. Life happens. This is not a blog about my illness, and what happened to me, but it […]

Teaching Has a Tall Poppy Problem and It Needs to Change


There are lots of problems in education, big systemic problems, governance problems, structural problems that seem unsolvable sometimes because they’re so deeply rooted in the way things have always be done. And then there are problems that are so darn easy to fix, it’s a wonder they haven’t already been solved. One of those easy […]

Five Tips For Helping Angry Children Have Better Days


Oftentimes the most difficult part of an educator’s day is not the curriculum they teach or the long hours they work. For many educators, what keeps us up at night is trying to figure out how to best meet the social and emotional needs of their students. While this is an area in which I […]

5 Lessons from the Stage for Teachers


Today I was working in a busy kindergarten classroom. I arrived to a room full of activity, bustling with energy, teaming with learning. The students were engaged at play, active and joyful with the noise of conversation and materials interacting. A group of boys had build and obstacle course/pathway and they were challenging themselves to […]

This Sucks!


This sucks!!! This is awesome!!! If you’re reading this piece and you work with children, then the chances are good that you’ve heard these responses numerous times. The first onewe hate and the second onewe crave. To be quite honest, I hate the first response! It’s flip! It’s rude! And I can’t stand it when […]

Stop Hiding and Start Standing Out While Teaching

Don’t Believe What They Tell You… I distinctively remember during in my first year of teaching; a colleague telling me: “Hey, your first year of teaching…just blend in and fly under the radar toget through it.” I also remember nodding my head and smiling as I thought, “WHY?” I made the decision, then and there, […]

The Calling, the Work, and the Miracles


Educators everywhere immerse themselves into the work of impacting young lives because they love kids! Teaching is no ordinary job, and it takes an extraordinary teacher to overcome the many obstacles that children face. It takes an exceptional school leader to create a culture where children and adults have high expectations and can learn in […]

Getting To Yes. Promising Teacher Leadership.

stencil.twitter post 81

Prologue. My husband was a great dancer. I had trouble following him. It took awhile. I was a leader for so long and teaching leaders, I forgot how to follow. It takes two to Tango. We need each other for the greater good, serving children. By leading and following each other, a school filled-with leaders, […]

7 More Things Great Teachers Will Regret Doing This Year

Image by P Bogush A few months ago Mark Barnes wrote a blog post entitled, “7Things the Best Teachers Will Regret Doing this Year.” It included a list of things like “assigning traditional homework” and “embarrassing your students.” Items thatmostpeople who read it would agree with, but inevitably they are things we need to be […]

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