How To Balance Work and Life as a Teacher

I know it’s hard… Being a teacher is probably one of the most demanding jobs that exists in terms of the commitment, passion, and dedication that it requires. In some jobs, you put your time in, go home and relax, and forget about the challenges of the day, that customer that complained, that client who […]

Do You Believe in Magic?


When people talk about childhood idols and heroes, I always say David Copperfield. No, not the character from Dickens. The other character: image credit: vegas.com If you don’t know of the man above, David Copperfield is an international illusionist who has performed all over the world. He did a series of specials in the 80’s […]

Chronic Illness and Self-Care: Arts, Crafts, and Music Can Help

art materials

One of the side effects of teaching is that we often give up our hobbies, our crafts, even our art for our job. Our jobs are so overwhelming that we often sacrifice our music, our art thinking we don’t have time for it, not with needing to make another parent phone call or write another […]

Ten Lovely Minutes


There were only about fifteen minutes left in what had, up until this point, been a great day. Actually, considering it was the first day back from Winter Break, I would have to say ithadbeenan amazing day! I was making rounds and trying to circulate through classrooms one last time before the day ended. As […]

Assignment: 6 Things To Do This Break to Prevent Burnout


What’s your restoration plan? I mean, despite the holidays and travel and grading and planning and presents and stress, how do you plan to be ready to return in January to school rested and restored and ready-to-rock? Well, I have an assignment for you. I gave a similar one to my students, with only slightly […]

Change Your Classroom with Random Acts of Kindness


“Don’t write in the margins.” “Don’t sharpen your pencil while I am talking.” “Don’t distract your neighbors.” Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. It is all too easy for an educator’s day to become filled with well-intentioned negatives. Instead of a constant barrage of negative directives, though, consider the positive environment you could create if you could 1. […]

Educating the “Whole” Teacher

“Teaching is a Creative Art: Call It Human Rocket Science” —Jeffrey Pflaum I’m not their mother, father, guidance counselor, social worker, or therapist. I’m a teacher. I teach: that’s what I do. You hear that from educators, now even more so with CCSS, multiple standardized tests, and all sorts of assessments looming over their heads. […]

The Ultimate Teacher Appreciation


The first full week of May is set aside for Teacher Appreciation Week. I love this week because this usually means that I will be fed multiple times during the week by the PTSO, and I love to eat. While I am touched by the efforts that parents take to make sure teachers feel appreciated […]