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#getoutside in Higher Education: Walking Challenge Accepted

During World Creativity & Innovation Week (April 15-21, 2018) I had the pleasure of moderating a week-long conversation on imagination with the Google+ Creative Higher Education (#CreativeHE) community. My imaginative colleague Jailson Lima from Vanier College, Quebec, moderated with me. You can read the whole week of conversation on Google+ in the Creative Academic community […]

The One Action All Educators Must Take to Fuel the Classroom Shift to Inquiry…


I read a post the other day from Ross Cooper titled Inquiry is king. Here’s why… In any progressive vision for learning where students exercise agency, inquiry is a non-negotiable, and this needs to be the direction where we are headed for our schools and classrooms. I do wonder, though, how we as educators are […]

Another Semester Down…Almost

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The end of the semester has come. As I grade through the seemingly never-ending pile of papers, I reflect. How did the students respond to the textbook and certain activities this semester? How engaged did they seem during class? I consider the success level on student assignments and how that success was determined. Should I […]

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