Happy New Year and Decade, 2020 Love!

What the world needs now is love! Thanks, Santa, I have the best present ever. Did Elf tell you? Happy New Year 2020, May this year be a love fest for everybody, everywhere. I know we can heal the world with love, optimism and joy! My last decade started with final years of my beloved […]

Giving Thanks, On Optimism, Courage, and Candor


On Optimism: As a cancer survivor, I can assure youthat the only thing that saved mewas a small voiceinside of methat suddenly started screaming,”Life is worth the effort!” I wanted to live for granddaughter Morgan’s wedding. I wanted to be at all our grandkids’ weddings, too. Her little hands, smiling face and voice gave me […]

The Red Thread

red thread

Doris and Carl Malone sat at their usual table in The Forgotten Crumb enjoying the performances of slightly inebriated patrons searching for their fifteen minutes of fame at the karaoke microphone. The couple had met here nearly twenty-eight years before, fallen in love, and married on the very stage that was now a platform for […]

Christmas Love Story

Santa’s coming to Town! Naughty or nice? I think he goofed on his list this year. I ended up on the naughty column, not sure I’ll ever know why. Kept thinking there’s a lesson in here somewhere. Haven’t found it yet. But small miracles and twinkles, oh yes! Toss in some glitter and wrap paper, […]

Charlottesville: How Did We Get Here?

HOw did we get

Charlottesville God Bless America, Land of Difference Bigotry, hate, violence, is it possible to find common ground for real dialogue when the country feels like it has gone mad at the moment? Violence did indeed break out at today’s White Nationalist Protest. Not surprising after the disgusting images I saw on Twitter last evening, late […]

State of the Dream in the New Year


With hope in my heart and passion in my soul I am reposting last year’s MLK inspired missive.This year, more important than ever, may we recognize Dr. King’s aspirations and belief in the future success stories for all America’s children. Tonight my heart is filled with joy. As we welcome the successes of the New […]

Just Keep Swimming


So, for those of you who have kids or grandkids, book makers came up with thebrilliantidea of adding sounds to board books. I have come to the conclusion that these books are fun to give but are awful to receive; worse than fruitcake. My daughter’s love theirFinding Dorybook, and love tapping all of the sounds […]

Loving Recklessly: Hope Within Reach

Loving Recklessly

This post was co-written withTodd Nesloney. You can find his bloghere. The Way It May Seem It seems these days that you can’t turn on the tv, radio, or surf the web without bearing witness to another atrocity that has happened around the world. Sometimes those events are far away and easy to disconnect from, […]

The Hallway


Have you ever woken up and wondered if you had what it took to make a difference at work that day? You were tired and stressed and you weren’t quite sure where you were going to begin when you got to work because you had so many places you could start. But then you get […]