Prompts to Pump Up Creativity and Imagination

Einstein imagination quote

Check out a few prompts about creativity and imagination. Use these “sparks” to trigger that “self-amusement park” of the mind to see where they all lead. As you read the prompts, use brainstorming, “picture-storming” (visualize one image-after-another), and “word-storming” (crank out one word-after-another) to get into my original statements, “equations,” and quoatations about two vital […]

Empathy Requires Imagination


Empathy. Inclusion. Acceptance. Kindness. Respect. These are qualities we want our communities to exemplify. These are qualities we often seek to directly cultivate in our schools. Anti-bullying programs, multi-cultural clubs, and policies supporting LGTBQ students, are positive initiatives that move us away from ignorance and towards greater understanding. My fear is that these kinds of […]

Back to School: Why a Seven-Year-Old Is Sad to Return

Lego robot

This is a journey into the mind of my seven-year-old grandson, who builds amazing Lego inventions like the above robot creation and is interested in many things. Just not what he’s learning in school. In fact, when I asked him if he was looking forward to starting second grade next week, his response was a […]

Tips for Imaginative Educators: #3 Evoke Mental Imagery with Words

colored pencils

Warning: Reading this post may leave you feeling compelled to talk to people around you about what you just learned.This tip in the Tools of Imagination Series is about the great power of mental imagery for learning and for making all concepts meaningful and memorable to students. As you well know, mentalimagery has indisputable cultural […]

Unleash The Power Of Curriculum with Cognitive Tools

Curriculum has latent power. It containspossibilities of all kinds, including possibilities for engagement, empowerment, joy, inquiry, and transformation in learning. Ourchallenge asteachers is to enable thesepossibilities for ourstudents, to activate a process that leaves our students feeling knowledgeable, capable, and inspired. Are you using the best teaching tools to unleash the power of your curriculum? […]

What is Play?

dramatic play

I recently spoke with the new director of a “Religious Exempt” preschool that wanted to improve her school. It had been grossly neglected, both by the church in which it was housed, and by the former director. The current director had workers fix the holes in the walls, clean dirt from floors, and install a […]

How To Make Your Teaching Meaningful And Memorable

A second post title: Evoke Feelings for Fractions, Photosynthesis, & Forces. Some people might find it odd to read feelings and fractions in the same sentence. The truth is, we don’t talk much about feelings in education. When we do, our discussion tends to focus on the social and emotional needs of students rather than […]

Take The Path Less Traveled


This is the last installment in the “Breaking Sticks” series inspired by my 2 year old son Adam. “Artists are people who strip habit away and return life to its deserved glory” – Marcel Proust All children are artists. They get excited by simple things. Whether playing with sticks, jumping on the bed, or engaging […]

Breaking Sticks: Life Lessons From A 2 Year Old


Adam’s little feet were scampering on the sidewalk as only a two-year-old’s feet can as I quickly followed to keep pace with him. As soon as he saw his first stick that day he stopped, picked it up, looked at me excitedly and shouted: “Mam patyk tata!” (I have a stick daddy!). He’s my kind […]

What Is Play If Not the Highest Form of Thought?


Since my last post I have been thinking more about play. Why is it so hard to understand its importance? Then, two days ago, I went to visit a friend who has made (“French”) horns all of his adult life.George wasn’t trained as an engineer. He had drafting lessons in the Navy, and went on […]

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