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Tips for Imaginative Educators: #3 Evoke Mental Imagery with Words

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Warning: Reading this post may leave you feeling compelled to talk to people around you about what you just learned.This tip in the Tools of Imagination Series is about the great power of mental imagery for learning and for making all concepts meaningful and memorable to students. As you well know, mentalimagery has indisputable cultural […]

The Danger of Designing Lessons for Thinkers

My twitter handle will seem a bit strange to some readers. I [email protected] The premise of this term—coined by David L. Krech—is that human beings never just think. They are not best described, therefore, as “thinkers”.Rather, human beings are emotional beings. Our emotional responses are the primary way in which we make sense out of […]

Unleash The Power Of Curriculum with Cognitive Tools

Curriculum has latent power. It containspossibilities of all kinds, including possibilities for engagement, empowerment, joy, inquiry, and transformation in learning. Ourchallenge asteachers is to enable thesepossibilities for ourstudents, to activate a process that leaves our students feeling knowledgeable, capable, and inspired. Are you using the best teaching tools to unleash the power of your curriculum? […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators: #2 Find A Source of Dramatic Tension

A good story often containssome kind of dramatic tension. We see freedom and oppression play out in Cinderella. We see the idea ofknown and unknownworlds play out in Jack and The Beanstalk. We see safety and danger play out in Hantzel and Gretel.Dramatic tension is not only the stuff of children’s stories, myths, or fairytales […]

Tips for Imaginative Educators: #1 Find the Story

Here’s the golden rule of Imaginative Education: Identify the emotional significance of the topics you are teaching. This rule applies to all educators. No matter what you teach, where you teach, or the age of your students, engaging teaching starts with you identifying what it is about the topic that evokesyour sense of wonder. On […]

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