Three Benefits of Being a Teacherpreneur

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A teacherpreneur? What’s that? Ok…this is actually a term that has been growing over the past few years, so you may have heard of it. If you haven’t, a “teacherpreneur” is an educator who uses their talents and business savvy to share their work, passion, and philosophy with others. (You can read more about them […]

Stop Hiding and Start Standing Out While Teaching

Don’t Believe What They Tell You… I distinctively remember during in my first year of teaching; a colleague telling me: “Hey, your first year of teaching…just blend in and fly under the radar toget through it.” I also remember nodding my head and smiling as I thought, “WHY?” I made the decision, then and there, […]

The Red-Haired Woman

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Several years ago, as a school administrator, I joined a group of teachers from my school in attending a highly inspirational conference regarding the Holocaust. The keynote speaker, Gerda Weissmann Klein, spoke of her years of suffering in several German concentration camps. As the war neared its end and as the Allied forces descended upon […]

Universal Truth: We All Have The Power To Change The World


And we do. Have you ever heard someone say that he or she is not out to change the world? That he or she just wants to contribute in small part; make a difference? I have. I know what people mean when they say that. Such statements come out of modesty and the people making […]

5 Ways For Teachers to Make a District-Wide Impact

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Classroom teachers can either (1) wait for change, or (2) go out and contribute to it. I encourage teachers to choose the latter. In most districts (yes, there are exceptions), I don’t think teachers realize how powerful their voices/actions can be. The majority of administrators with whom I have worked would love nothing more than […]

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