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Why Students Plagiarize and How You Can Help


Thanks to the internet plagiarism is all too easy these days. And with all the pressure students are under – their demanding schedules and an unprecedented fear of failure – it’s not unexpected that they would be tempted t take the easy way out. But do students fully understand plagiarism and its cost to them? […]

Can Students Learn to Write Well in the Age of Tweets and Texts?

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Harvard education specialist Tony Wagner recently identified effective written and oral communication skills as being among the seven key skills necessary for when students leave school. But how do we cultivate effective written communication skills? How do we foster enthusiasm for writing in the age of tweets and texts? Those are some of the questions […]

Six Words Can Shape a Lesson


Inspired by a project at Smith MagazineSix Word Memoirsare a great tool to use in the classroom. With students feeling the pressure of producing more, turn thae tables on them and have them write less while continuing to use critical thinking skills. Here are some ideas inspired by Six Word Memoirs: Introduction Have students write […]

Stop the Summer Slide: Tricks to Keep Students Learning through the Summer


The summer slide is not the latest dance fad among teens, but a term teachers use to describe how students tend to lose information during the summer months. Students are out of the classroom and “free” from the constraints of learning, yet if the goal of education of education is creating life-long learners, summer is […]

Kids Tuning into Themselves, Others, and the World

Kids look into the mind’s mirror, see themselves (maybe for the first time), and write about what they find. How scary is that? This is “Reflections,” an application of “Music Writing,” which introduced adolescents to the wild world of inner experience via music, and how the mind’s eye, like a giant spotlight, illuminates events as […]