Instant Pot, Instant Failure

instant pot

The Instant Pot I received for Christmas this past year sat for a few months before I even thought about using it. My wife would remind me frequently we had it and that I should try it (I do all the cooking in the house. She does all the laundry. Fair trade-off). When she would […]

4 Learning Strategies To Stress With Students


Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash Let’s be honest. High school, middle school, elementary; most students don’t know how to learn effectively. It’s because they are rarely taught about their brain. They know it’s there. They use it. And yet… They don’t know how to guide it. Few consider how to leverage their brain to […]

Is it Homework or Busy Work?

homework stress

It’s The Age Old Debate Depending on which camp you belong to, you are either starting to get fired up about students needing practice at home, OR you are thinking “down with homework!” To be honest, I see the merit of both arguments and there is a lot of research out there that supports practice […]

Brain Hacking 202: Help Students Make Sense Out Of Nonsense


We make sense out of the world around us by forming connections in our brains. The more of these connections (information chunks) we have, the easier it is for our neurons to form new connections and understandings. Some concepts presented to young minds in schools are so new that they struggle with the initial understanding. […]

Brain Hacking 102: Don’t Procrastinate. Hack Your Brain And Pomodoro Instead!


Procrastination is like chocolate addiction: It offers temporary satisfaction when you are hungry, don’t want to eat your vegetables, and need a quick fix. It satisfies the craving, but once the energy leaves, you crash and burn. And, if you keep it up, your teeth rot, you gain weight, and you experience other health problems. […]

District Leaders: Focus on Content First, Tech Second


“True teams are made when you put aside individual wants for collective good.”– Chiney Ogwumike Today I’m attending a professional conference hosted in our district and jointly organized by local school districts –North Shore School District 112,Township High School District 113, and our District, theDeerfield Public Schools – District 109; we also welcome our friends […]