It’s worth the hair loss at deadline: Creating a newspaper program from scrap to publication

Originally presented as my project for MJE certification, this article about starting a newspaper ran in Adviser Update, The Dow Jones News Funds’ newspaper in the Fall 2009. Daunting. Overwhelming. Hectic. Crazy. These are perhaps the first words that come to mind when asked to advise or teach newspaper, the seemingly dying branch of scholastic […]

Two Schools Learn Teamwork Through Authentic Learning Experience

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Visiting students watch video footage taken during their group work time in preparation for completing their day long story. 25 students integrated from two schools. One from Tampa, Florida and one from Flushing, Queens. What started like a middle school dance ended in an authentic learning experience. A few weeks ago I got a DM […]

Publication production, the ultimate in project based learning with technology

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This article originally ran in Education Update’s Nov./Dec 2012 issue. Producing a student run publication is the perfect juggling act of direct, individuated instruction, leadership mentoring and technology usage. Students learn to become media and technology savvy, consuming that which they create and share the knowledge they develop in a way other students can hear. […]

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