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Building Relationships and Setting the Stage Before K: Transitions


This summer (kicking and screaming) I am a parent in transition. My oldest son is entering 7th grade and heading to the Jr. High. Reflecting on this transition I am calling it the’2nd Kindergarten’as it is evoking similar emotions as when he started Kindergarten a few years ago….

Creating Meaningful Transitions from PreK-K

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If we want children to be ready for kindergarten, we must be certain that the environments and systems we create are responsive to the unique developmental needs of not only preschoolers but infants, toddlers and their families. Dr. Terri Rose – Emotional Readiness: How Early Experiences and Mental Health Predict School Success Moving into the […]

Finding Fulcrum Between Work and Life


We are in the educational 4th quarter all! I tend to forgot how crazy busy this time of year can be until I am in the middle of it shaking my head. Some days in the spring I start to feel like this….. So how do we find the point that supports that balance we […]

They Aren’t Interested in Anything.


The last several weeks and months have been busy ones as I’ve been getting used to my new job and figuring out how to manage all the competing priorities in my life. How does she do it all? Well, I don’t always do it all very well, so there’s that! It’s been harder, in this […]

Why We Really Should Show the ‘Personal’ Side of Being a Principal with Our Students


So working with over 370 kindergarten students you really get an honest opinion from them on just about everything. This year we started asking them specifically questions about being a Principal (Kid Principal) and it really started to make me think about what I am saying and showing these students about being an adult. Do […]

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