Where Is Differentiation? Schools Are Still Forcing Square Pegs Into Round Holes

When I was still Director of Cherry Preschool, a parent whose child was a total delight in preschool shared a very sad story with me. When her child started kindergarten in public school, he was tested and found to be lacking the skills that would make him a reader by the end of kindergarten, a […]

The (Not) Problem of Repetitive Play

In my work, as in the work of many people, I imagine, there are themes that come up again and again. Sometimes I get asked a question and I can point to a blog post I wrote or an article I read months or years earlier that touches on the same subject. Little kids have […]

What If Early Childhood Professionals Pushed Back?

Recently I wrote about the uphill battle of advocating for children – especially around the topic of play. But, as you know, our battles these days concern not just play, but also developmentally appropriate practice in general! Sad but true. This hit home recently, when I was conducting my third professional development training for a […]

Kindergartner + Stress = A Personal Day?


A nearby community has a wonderful, play-based preschool cooperative. Several of the teachers are my former students and I was invited to attend their monthly meetings whenever I could… joining in conversations with staff and families about child development, preschool, parenting… life. I’ve been to 4 of these sessions and so far, it’s been interesting […]

Just One More Square


i have been looking forward to this all day. you are going to love this story. you wait. but the paper you laid on my desk is not big enough. i need more please. i ask to draw on the back. but you tell me i can’t. that no one will see what is on […]

Kindergarteners Carried

first day of kindergarten

Scores of moms and dads clung to the fence surrounding the kindergarten building shouting, amid tears, last-minute advice and terms of endearment. “I love you, honey!” “Be good, my little one!” “Listen and learn, baby!” “Don’t cry, sweetie! I promise to pick you up after school!” The teachers lined their charges up effortlessly using their […]

Building Relationships and Setting the Stage Before K: Transitions


This summer (kicking and screaming) I am a parent in transition. My oldest son is entering 7th grade and heading to the Jr. High. Reflecting on this transition I am calling it the’2nd Kindergarten’as it is evoking similar emotions as when he started Kindergarten a few years ago….

Redshirting K: Yay or Nay?

welcome to kindergarten

What’s the rush? Childhood is a precious time! “Redshirting”, not just in athletics. The competition is fierce. In Kindergarten! Mixed emotions. Interesting articles lately about redshirting. It’s way more common than I thought and it actually affects all of us, all grade levels. What a big decision. It’s more than birthday cut-off dates, or ‘maturity’. […]

Learning To Teach Littlest Angels, Life Lessons For All


Leaving a Legacy. Walking the Talk I never dreamed I’d take my biggest educational risk ever, teaching the littles, but I did. Although for several years I was a Preschool Principal, it’s not the same as this. After summer volunteering, a literacy grant was awarded this special preschool, just my thing, so I’m back in […]

Made it! New School, Land of Enchantment!


Moved to the Big Leagues, a brand new school, truly a land of enchantment. Transition complete. We made it! What a journey. Here’s my story for today, a special day. Posting on 9/11 provides a tremendous reponsibility to focus on hope, life and family. History cannot be changed, but life matters and schools are families, […]

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