Where’s the joy and authentic learning in worksheets?

kindergarten worksheet

A teacher wrote to me recently to say she’d just spent a week subbing in a public school kindergarten classroom where worksheets were used every day, all day, for every subject. She reported that the kids were “bored, tired, and unable to focus” and that there were quite a few behavior issues. Shocking, right? Not! […]

Reading instruction in kindergarten: Little to gain and much to lose


A growing chorus of early education professionals are saying that setting standards for reading instruction in kindergarten is going too far.They argue that policies aimed at preparing kids for college through academics at increasingly earlier years is misguided and unsupported by the research. Listen to the radio segment here. Then check out these additional resources: […]

One of the saddest stories of 2014

I found it in in Valerie Strauss’scolumnin theWashington Post, with the title, “Kindergarten show canceled so kids can keep studying to be ‘college and career ready.’ Really.” It makes me want to scream in frustration every time I read it. Here’s the letter, sent by the school’s interim principal and four kindergarten teachers, to parents […]

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